Tuesday 4 March 2014

The Economic Freedom Fighters are refusing to pay the Electoral Commission to register them as a party...

Julius Malema knows a lot about his arch enemy, capitalism. He was recently put up for sequestration, and perhaps symbolically, his communist Economic Freedom Fighters, wear red, the colour of his finances. For decades now: if you want to stand for election in South Africa, you have to pay a deposit, which you get back after you pass a threshold of voters. My grandfather paid that deposit when he opposed Apartheid in Welkom, the final time he stood for office, he got enough votes to get his deposit back.

The system is designed to prevent fly by night dangerous registrations which might also make voting cumbersome by filling up lists. Malema, is seeking a court to do away with the 'capitalist' system of deposits... That Court is the North Gauteng High Court, in Pretoria.

Below: a post by Business Report.

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