Sunday 2 March 2014

Democratic Alliance takes a leaf from the EFF, Berets are in this political season... French notice Helen negatively

Helen Zille may not overly like the Economic Freedom Fighters of Mr Julius Malema, but she is not beyond copying his copying of the French:

Helen recently got into a brawl with a journalist she accused of being in the pocket of the Economic Freedom Fighters. Unfotunately for the Democratic Alliance, Helen Zille allows herself to be drawn into arguments, or even to start them in an instance. Helen Zille is a former journalist, known for taking on the Apartheid government. She was a member of the radical left wing feminist Black Sash movement. Her recent taking note of Carien Du Plessis, for alleged biased reporting was seen all the way in Paris, France, where the Beret is most famous as a commonly worn headgear.

So what caused the notice of a government sponsored French media outlet which likes to focus on Southern Africa, and broadcast terrestrially in many nations?

So which journalist?

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