Tuesday 11 March 2014

'No woman should die' from diseases like 'pregnancy and birth'? #NorwayToUN

In a tweet targeting, faith based organisations, a woman lambasted pregnancy and birth. She says that no woman should die due to pregnancy, or birth. She then puts the blame for these 'maladies' purely on the religious who believe pregnancy and birth to be something good. Norway to the UN, has retweeted this woman's views. The woman's Women Development Organisation, according to her twitter bio, is linked to UN Women in Norway. Norway to United Nations, follows her account.

Note well, she does not say no women should die during birth, or due to complications, she says no woman should die due to pregnancy and birth: i.e. these are treated as the cause of death itself, by Norway to the UN and the woman they retweet!

The woman's profile:

Norway to the UN:

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