Saturday, 15 February 2014

Economic Freedom Fighters call ANC Top candidate, top businessman Cyril Ramaphosa: 'Cereal' Ramaphosa!

Ceres was a Roman agricultural goddess of the growth of plants, we get the word cereal from her name. Cereal itself, is said to have played a massive and important role in human civilisation, as the cultivation of grass has been linked with the creation of permanent human settlements, and the creation of high energy low alcohol beers which played an important role in early healthcare. When water might have been unacceptable to drink, the sterilisation and fermentation process of beer would be able to replace it. Often a single low alcohol high nutrition beer common to that time, could sufficiently sustain a man for much of his daily strife.

Cyril Ramaphosa is the ultimate bad guy of the far left these days. He may or may not have ordered the Police to take drastic action before Marikana, he got wealthy off BEE and has become very much affiliated with big business. He is also the official ANC Deputy Presidential candidate for the election this annum.

The EFF is neither a swear word, nor the American organisation which backs Edward Snowden. They have nonetheless been capitalising on Ramaphosa's links to wealth. One hopes that as the plus minus socialists that they claim to be, that they do not object to the word 'capitalising'. They say further that Cyril was made by the Oppenheimers: likely a highly false portrayal of the man. One assumes of course that they mean the Oppenheimers assisted Cyril's career and that the EFF are not by coincidence comparing him to a popular phone operating system made by the do no evil people over in California. Worse, they now think he is a munch meal for the early morning respite.

A quick check by SACNS reveals via journalists we interact with that indeed this statement calling Cyril a seed bearing edible grass product, and an android (a machine made in the image of man)... is a tweet from the account of the EFF.

It seems those who want economic freedom, should first utilise existing rights to education.

The head of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, is famous for vocally pushing for a coup d'etat against Botswana, his calling for punishment of whites, and his singing a song about killing whites, especially farming whites. Julius has been sequestrated for mismanagement of his financial accounts. He none the less wants to be in charge of the country's economy to 'liberate' it.

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