Sunday, 23 February 2014

Residents protest against Justin Bieber plan to move into their neighbourhood... Or a Brilliant Hoax?

Out on bail, Justin Bieber might be receiving police protection from fans, as he enjoys Atlanta, Georgia. However, the residents of a neighbourhood he wants to move into are less impressed. At lease that is the story of most media, the coalition only joined Facebook a few days ago and every post has been about Justin Bieber, but more on that later, and on who it is that is really 'protesting' Bieber.

Justin Bieber has allegedly admitted to drag racing while under the influence of cannabis/dagga, a narcotic drug. He allegedly was under the influence of prescription meds. Justin Bieber allegedly often smokes dagga. The Canadian pop brat's house was the scene of a friend of his being arrested. Justin Bieber allegedly caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage while throwing objects at his neighbour's house: allegedly this was a moment captured on camera. Justin Bieber is said to have consistently held wild noisy parties where employees in the sex industry were involved. The pop brat according to neighbours consistently flouted neighbourhood rules and the laws involving traffic, and trafficking.

The residents of Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition, in Atlanta Georgia have taken note of the pop brat planning to buy an 11 million dollar mansion there. Believe the media, that is what they have to say about the alleged event, which might none the less have attendance of residents.

Daily Mail summarise:

'Wealthy residents of an Atlanta neighborhood are staging a protest against Justin Bieber moving in
'Bieber has expressed interest in an $11 million mansion in Buckhead
'136 residents have already signed up for the 6am Monday protest
'Bieber reportedly wants to move to Atlanta to be close to the thriving rap community there
'He is being investigated for allegedly causing more than $20,000 in damage to a neighbor's house in Calabasas, California'

(Daily Mail| ''Don't let a child ruin what we have worked for!': Residents of wealthy Atlanta neighborhood plan protest against Justin Bieber moving into the area' by DAILY MAIL REPORTER at 23 / 02 / 2014)

It isn't hard to get signatures against the Canadian brat, he recently got over 100 000 signatures in a White House petition for his deportation, and for the Olympics, hockey fans said 'loser keeps bieber' to bet away the Canada USA competitions in Sochi.

The 'Neighbourhood Coalition' appears to have been created for one purpose only, whether by community members or not: to oust Bieber's house bid. For people with a lot of money, they sure don't make very high technology signs.

So: Buckhead Neighbourhood Coalition joined Facebook on 19 February 2014. Every single post is about Justin Bieber. I have placed every post they have ever made, minus one which would not embed and was also about Justin Bieber, above.

On 20 Feb the community for the first time posted on Twitter:

The about of the group however would suggest something which had not solely been about Justin Bieber: every Tweet every status.

'Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition
'The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition was formed to protect the character and heritage of the Buckhead community in Atlanta, Georgia. The BNC works to protect Buckhead's historic look and feel by fighting damaging influences from within and without. Buckhead has a unique aesthetic that is cherished by its residents, and one which we want to persist for years to come.'

The contact information is merely the Twitter account.

However, media note that there is a Buckhead Neighbourhood Coalition, who's president will not be boycotting the pop brat:

'Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition President Sam Massell says he's not planning to attend the protest but that the protesters have a right to express how they feel.
'According to NBC 11, the neighborhood is already home to celebrities including Janet Jackson and Elton John, who received a warm welcome to the area.
Massell says that he himself was the target of picketers when he moved there after being elected mayor in the early 1970s.
'"I think picketing is an American form of expressing yourself," he said, adding that Bieber has a right to buy a home anywhere he wants.'
(Daily Mail| ''Don't let a child ruin what we have worked for!': Residents of wealthy Atlanta neighborhood plan protest against Justin Bieber moving into the area' by DAILY MAIL REPORTER at 23 / 02 / 2014)

So it isn't an official project of the coalition... could it be someone else at work. All the protest signs are photographed over almost the same background. Fabulous hoax? P.s. if you want to join the protest, here is the link.

Only if you live in Buckhead of course.

Interestingly enough, the first two retweets of the Twitter page were college age men, and not the sort who might be so very concerned about a criminal in the neighbourhood. Hoax?

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