Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Something sickening about this Israeli propaganda...

Israel has taken to propaganda: in hopes of putting a swift end: to peace talks aimed at getting rid of suspected Iranian nuclear WMD programs.

Israel might call civilians and children killed in its occupations: collateral damage. Israel's supporters see it as necessary that these civilians should die on the alter of ending ominous often anonymous terrorist threats.

Accusations that Iran is slaughtering civilians in Syria, however, are unfounded. There is a clear foundation to criticise actions of western backed rebels. These western backed militant actors engage in activities which include the eating of a human heart as well as their past allying with Al Qaeda. Even if Iran were slaughtering civilians, a clear question must be asked: Israel surely ends the lives of many women and children under the guise of fighting terrorism. Can they really portray their hands as clean? As for Syria... is it reasonable to expect Israel is not part of the conflict, that something so close to home has not resulted in deployment of special forces, or proxies? The bigger question is this: why does Israel want the failure of any talks to disarm Iran of any potential nukes.

Propaganda itself is a relatively new activity in some senses, the science of it emerging around World War I. The practice of propaganda however likely pre-dates the stone age.

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