Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Strange S shape on weather radar is NOT a cloud formation, authorities confirm.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation has confirmation from Neil Bennett of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology that the S shape is not a cloud formation. The symbol, which appeared near Western Australia, has caused interest and sometimes very mild concern or alarm. It has no 'cloud echo', according to Bureau of Meteorology, and an S shape of such sort, would, they say, not be the shape taken by atmospheric precipitation. The Bureau suggested the S shape might come from the ocean, and be a reflection of aquatic phenomena... in what they suggest could well just possibly be a seldom occurring, ordinary explanation for the ghost in the radar system. Stories about such glitches seem, or the possibility of such strange symbology, seem even less common. A glitch making oceanic phenomena appear upon radar, also does not explain the unusual and uncommon as yet not entirely explicable S sign or omen on radar.

Australia's Defence Department has not confirmed or denied any involvement in the S shaped object, nor whether it has any activities ongoing in the area where it appeared. Australian Broadcasting Corporation had requested to know of any operations in the area, to no success. The Shark shooting / culling was highlighted by a weather group called WA Weather Group, who thought to note that whatever it was it had escaped shark baiting.

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ABC Australia | 'Strange 'S'-shaped radar phenomenon appears off WA coast' at 12 February 2014

The Australian government has now stated the S shape was due to a defence exercise.

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