Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Western Media complain about Sochi Olympics in Russia, furtively use hoax memes...

Above: Actual image by a Canadian journalist: our investigation showed this to be an original photo, unlike the hoaxes put forward by the UK Daily Telegraph and other media below.

Certainly some stories of Sochi may be true, but many are hoaxes or cruel sattire seemingly purposely put forward as though fact by biased Western journalists

Maybe accusations of painting grass green, and menu mistranslations are true, and maybe the Western bias is working at full speed ahead...

Here are some questionable items by journalists shown as though fact by the UK Telegraph, who wrote an article on journalists criticising Sochi:

These falsehoods we debunk appeared reported as though factual and authentic in a British newspaper: 'Shambles behind the scenes at Sochi' By Roland Oliphant, 'in Sochi' and Josie Ensor for the UK Telegraph at 10:43AM GMT 05 Feb 2014

Notice anything about the 'Reuters' Logo on the photo above. Reuters does not have a copy of the image a Google search reveals, and there are only medium resolution versions, meaning it is likely false. Also notice it is taken from an anti-government protester.

Apparently people have to wait in line to use the toilet in Sochi, as a spectator sport? No... this image embedded by Telegraph UK, in fact appeared back in 22 December 2012, as 'Fail Bathroom Meme'.

Some other images are harder to verify or discount, there might well be many issues at Sochi. Western media signing petitions attacking the Russian federation however suggests much bias, possibly malice might be behind such hoax images.

Telegraph mistakenly showed a picture of a Russian lobby area, and with this raised 'claims' that a picture of Putin appeared in hotel rooms rather than a bible. Bibles in western hotel rooms are usually donated by a protestant group, and follow a Protestant canon and translation. Such are not the responsibility of the American government or hotel owners. Americans often have pictures of their presidents, just as obviously on display.

Finally Telegraph showed what was not even labelled as an obvious hoax (an old wallpaper).

SACNS have informed The Telegraph, of their and the media they portray being factually incorrect in this matter. See Telegraph story, inclusive of false portrayals of Russia, below:

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