Thursday 17 April 2014

SAfrican Opposition leader Helen Zille's passionate adulterous kiss with strange black man.

Mostly to the dismay of majority black onlookers, elderly married opposition leader, Helen Zille, passionately kissed a strange man... in Hammanskraal, specifically the Chris Hani informal settlement there. Helen Zille isn't letting any stops go: she has been mimicking traditional African attire, dancing after African standards (allegedly poorly), and now has used her feminine wiles upon the black gentleman in the picture.


  1. Could this not be photoshopped, faked or staged? Just looks terrible...WHY WOULD SHE DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS??

    1. The photograph was originally taken by Agence France Presse, one of the top press groups globally, by their photographer who is covering the Oscar Pistorius trial, given the source they would have a lot to lose and little to gain in any manipulation. This is AFP saying she has done so, they have a good reputation and are known for good photography.

  2. The pic is original and I hate to say that Zille did something disgusting! It's extremely disgusting.I hate it!


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