Sunday, 23 February 2014

Mugabe turns 90: says he feels like he is a nine year old.

Age isn't everything. Robert Mugabe celebrated his birthday at a football stadium today, telling the gathering crowds that he felt like he was a 9 year old boy... energy wise that is. One assumes the comparison is Mugabe to himself... after all, many 9 year old boys, especially in Zimbabwe, might have very poor health and energy levels. They do not have access to as many resources as their intra-nationally still beloved leader. Mugabe's birthday was actually a few days ago, but he celebrated it late due to an operation overseas. He certainly wasn't as late as his detractors would desire, his supporters in comparison were glad of his presence.

'I am made to feel youthful and as energetic as a boy of nine' the ageing statesman is quoted by the Telegraph. One hopes he is not being forced to feel as such, given the sentence structure.

Mugabe promised to deal harshly with corrupt officials, as he addressed political issues also at the rally. Much to the disappointment of his detractors, Mugabe, to the joy of his supporters, is not showing signs of his age getting him down. He did just get an eye operation out of the country. His physical bounds in public however seem energy filled, if reports are correct. Of course the saying goes: if you have to tell people you have good health and energy...

Also, if Mugabe feels like he did at age nine, that suggests he has always felt the same way, in which scenario he must also feel as he did at age 89. Propaganda for the public might be the prescription on offer...

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