Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ultra-Marxist EFF gather in red (but not to symbolise their leader's insolvency) #EFFManifesto

The EFF has manifested to hear a manifesto. The men in red berets, have made a mob of support for their insolvent leader Julius Malema, who for some reason doesn't like capitalism. They were in red (but not to represent his insolvency, and him being in the red). Julius had much to say. He said he would increase social welfare grants, and have people paid equally. He said he would make a high minimum wage. He said he would get rid of government tenders because of tender corruption. Tenders allow businesses to bid for a job, it would seem under Malema this bidding process would be done away with, and someone would just be given a job for the government. Malema said he opposes BEE as not wide enough, he wants mines to be owned and run by government, and for workers to have profits. He wanted government officials to be banned from medical aid. Perhaps with all of these, his high demands on the system, would be possible, because the Rand would plummet more than it already has.

Unfortunately Malema thinks protesters are protestants and so on, so media has a hard time live tweeting him, even his own team does, they recently called Cyril Ramaphosa Cereal Ramaphosa:

Media reports:

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