Thursday, 6 February 2014

Video Shows Flight of Supersonic Stealth Combat Drone Taranis ('Thunderer'), Britain's most advanced combat aircraft!

Video Shows Flight of Supersonic Stealth Combat Drone, Taranis ('Thunderer'), Britain's most advanced combat aircraft!

It has been heralded as a revolutionary aircraft. It is a stealth unmanned aerial combat vehicle. It is seen in the video flying above Australia's vast and remote Outback. It is a project of London head-quartered British multinational, BAE Systems. It is an unmanned aerial system... it is a drone and it is not ashamed to be one. The ominous flying drone that BAE Systems now boasts as theirs, was named after the Celtic God of Thunder, Taranis. Taranis literally translated means 'Thunderer' in Celtic.

Taranis, demanded human sacrifice as well as animal sacrifice. The scapegoats were burnt upon 'wickerwork' imagery. This cruel sky god's symbol is primal to modern man, the wheel, and accompanying the wheel in his haunting image, is the flashing of a lightning bolt. His steed, was a serpent legged powerful monstrosity, now lost to history.

By choosing this name for their monster, BAE Systems have made a clear statement, about their machine 'deity', wreaking havoc upon their many future human victims.

The flight over the outback itself took place in August last year, on Saturday 10 August 2013, as piloted by Mr Bob Fraser, BAE Systems say.

Taranis BAE Systems advert:

Information about the celtic deity, 'taranis' based on: "Taranis." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica Deluxe Edition. Chicago: Encyclopædia Britannica, 2012.

Ht also to ABC Australia | 'Taranis drone: Britain's unmanned aircraft makes successful test flights over Woomera range' by Matthew Grimson and Mark Corcoran on 06 February 2014 GMT.

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