Saturday, 22 February 2014

Nantes rivals Kiev in shocking pics... Why? Over an aerodrome... #France #Ukraine #Photographs

From a fire by a 'sex shop', to the police charging, and protesters damaging Nantes into rubble. Below, we say in English what the focus of live tweet photographs from France are conveying.

The writing is in French, but look at the iconic images of Nantes under siege, and we will say in English how to categorise these.P.s. we saved the best pics for further in. In many of the images Nantes appears to be a war-torn city in World War II, or Kiev in Ukraine.

Zoom Out:

Wrecks and wrecks:


One hot sex shop:

The Protesters:

The Gendarme:

The News:

Politicians Assigning blame, by noting their opponents' promise:

Of course, unlike this man, suspected of being a sniper in Kiev, the French have a lot less to fear of protests:

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