Thursday, 20 February 2014

Kiev erupts... Ukraine is another failed state in the making, and you can thank the west for this.

Kiev erupts with violence that the Roman god Vulcan, might have aspired to create. If Kiev were celebrating Volcanalia, then the people of Ukraine, would be the fishes thrown into the inferno in order to worship this god of destruction. We get the word volcano from this Roman God, who no doubt was the instigator of Pompei, if we were to ask the ancient inhabitants of the city. A new Pompei, by the name of Kiev, burns as western nations play the fiddle to a tune even Nero might have admired once. For the fools gold of European Union membership, a certain portion of Ukraine and their foreign backers have sought a violent course, driven by a geopolitics that rivals that which ruined haplessly located Afghanistan century after century.

Pyrite is the name of a rock often called fools gold. It has been discovered at ancient burial sites and was likely used to make fire. The rock which resembles gold, gets its name from the Greek sound denoting fire. It was likely valuable like gold, for its ability to create a spark when struck. A fools gold was recently discovered in Ukraine, where the European Union sought to have the once soviet nation join its ranks, and yet, the government and their Russian allies thought twice. Suddenly, Western backed instigators entered the streets of Kiev, rioting has begun, and many lives have been sacrifices to the gods of fire and war. Just as in Syria, where the West backed radical Islamist groups who were causing massive unrest, the west has firmly backed their violent allies in Kiev. Recently fifteen hundred firearms were lifted by rioters, and the safety of all Ukraine is at stake.

Ukrainian women, likely linked to protesters and unrest, are preparing Molotov cocktails. Ironically, these pro-western forces are utilising the weapon of one of the most hostile enemies of the west, in history. Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Skryabin (later called: Molotov), in World War Two ordered the first creation of the flame grenade which bears his monicker. He deeply hated the Western world, throughout his stint in life.

A nation state has a specific duty to insure safety and order, and to quell violence. The very definition of a state is that force within a nation which has complete monopoly on military control's use of force. If anything, the security forces of Ukraine have a sacred duty to quell protest and to crack down on those who use violence. The west demands the opposite, the withdrawal of the forces of law and order. The last time the West did this was in Syria, when they caused that civil war by stopping the government from quashing Al Qaeda backed 'protesters'. The West successfully used the same method to destroy the Soviet Union when Poland began to fall. The soviet union's economy shortly afterwards, fell into collapse. The West used the same method to insure the coup D'etat in Egypt, which is now in low level civil war.

After for weeks supporting and even putting money into sponsoring unrest in Ukraine, western leaders are asserting an apparent responsibility for the leaders of Ukraine to withdraw their forces.

If security forces were to withdraw, this wouldn't be the first time though:

Below: a song about starting fires visible from space: Ellie Goulding's 'Burn':

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