Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Zenit the new l'Osservatore Romano: secretly under Vatican control

Article by Marc Evan Aupiais

Suspicious ousting of Zenit editors after the Legionaries of Christ came under Vatican curatorship made few headlines outside the Catholic press.

After the shaming of the legionaries by the Vatican, for their founder's double life, the editorial team of Zenit wanted to give the organisation, with a generally European world view over to the American Catholic media organisations. The founding editor was asked to leave. His team quit in protest.

The question: was it the Legionaries or their Vatican curators who had this done. ZENIT's news agenda is now not only written similarly to Vatican press, but follows the Vatican agenda perfectly.

Just as Agence France Presse is really the French Government, and RT is really the Kremlin: due to not too well hidden financial ties, another organisation has in fact secretly been renditioned.

The Legionaries are under Vatican control after their criminal activities were discovered. Zenit is owned by the Legionaries. Zenit is following the same news agenda as the Press Office of the Holy See.

How long it will last is uncertain, but the half a million subscribers must have been too big a temptation for the Holy See, because an organization now under their indirect or direct curatorship: is now following their news agenda. The editors from years under loyal service to the Legionaries: having been fired or quit.

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