Friday, 25 November 2011

A resolve for war

Article by Marc Aupiais

Increasingly, Western Nations, and others are taking conflicts in poorer parts of the world into their own hands.

Stronger armies allow fewer casualties. When a battle gets too tough, even after destroying an economy and killing tens of thousands or innocent civilians, withdraw occurs.

The truth is any nation is very cautious to go to war with an equally matched enemy. America would not go to war with Russia or China.

A weaker nation, being able to attack one: serve to prove strength: without the risks true bravery will inevitably incur.

Unfortunately for the West: destabilising regions across the world, results in extreme poverty on which Islamic Fundamentalism thrives. It is the sort of poverty and poor existence which hurts moderate Islam, and feeds a socio-political cult: on which Al Qaeda and allies of it relies.

By attacking weaker nations, the West think no harm is done. Political clout is gained. With this clout however will emerge the Plebian disaster which destroyed the Roman republic. Violence, especially against the weak: only serves to destroy the basis of peace, and the security upon which the wealthy rely.

America and Europe are in danger of economic collapse. If their armies cannot be funded, what will stop the ever greater threat of terrorism against their states? Violence only lasts as long as it can be sustained. This is the same with the peace gained by it!

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