Friday, 25 November 2011

Jesus Christ is then isn't a forbidden word in Pakistan SMS regulations

Article by Marc Aupiais

Pakistan, released a list of forbidden words to be censored in all SMS (text) communications via cellular networks in the Asian nation. One of these words was "Jesus Christ".

The Catholic Church, and Pakistani Diospora, launched a campaign against blocking the name "Jesus Christ". They stated it was not an obscenity. They said that the ban on the word, hurt the gospel, and would hurt evangelization of the nation. They said it hurt the common good to ban the name "Jesus Christ" as an obscenity.

In another nearby Asian nation, Catholics faced violence for calling God Allah: God in Arabic.

In this case, the minister for harmony of religions, stepped in. The list of censored words, not to be allowed in telephonic text communications : now excludes the name of "Jesus Christ"!

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