Friday, 25 November 2011

Somali Islamist strike at Kenya, as the African powerhouse may have succeeded in cutting off their power

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Vatican's Agenzia Fides, Agency of faith: has reported on retaliation by Islamists: Shabab. A number of people were killed in terror attacks, after a major port supplying The Islamists with shipping taxes, allowing transport of Charcoal to the Middle East, and contraband into Kenya was blockaded by the Kenyan Navy and Airforce.

Shabab had previously attacked a pentecostal church and a government base. The latter being a failed attack.

Kenya intervened in Somalia after a wave of Kidnapping caused danger to their citizens.

The move to blockade the port, may cause the Al Qaeda linked Somali rebels, to be forced to scale back operations. The port is so strategic, it may even be the start of the end of the Somali civil war. Fides calls it the Shabab primary source of revenue.

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