Monday, 21 November 2011

Obama targeting 13 year olds to convince parents to elect him for them

Article by Marc Aupiais

-Scripturelink's Catholic Voter's Guide-

Sacns's negative coverage of Justin Bieber over the past has certainly had nothing to do with his consistent support of the US democratic party policies (calling capitalist healthcare "evil") and his asking Christians to butt out of homosexual "marriage" issues. It also has nothing to do with the sad fact that the South African government has considered bankrupting National Health Insurance due to American adoption of the now very unpopular policy. A policy that never worked in Canada or the United Kingdom: but instead resulted in corruption, limited service and pressure on the elderly and discrimination based on weight and other issues.

Obama, is quoted in the Sunday Independent (owned by Britain's Independent) as once again showing his companions. Justin Bieber is his name drop this time: saying that it certainly didn't hurt his campaign hanging out with him. The teenager recently even met a girl at Obama's request (the US president promising the meeting on the spot), to create goodwill for the ultra-leftwing and frankly anti-capitalist US president.

Obama, in 2008 got into power with the help of anti-war campaigns which have disappeared, as Obama escalated US military campaigns three-fold, targeting civilians and alienating old allies. While the bush administration opposed the move, Obama had the revolutionaries in Egypt trained to overthrow Mubarak, after receiving intelligence that they planned a revolution when it in fact later occurred, as detailed by Wikileaked cables. The sudden buying by Egypt's military of massive US arms caches before the revolution, is something the SACNS noted with alarm, believing then there may be other reasons for arms stockpiling.

Mubarak was an army plant: openly put in power by the army, and the army remains as in power today as when they made him their third appointed puppet president. The difference is, most people in the Middle East, now heavily oppose Obama and America. A similar belief holds in Pakistan, due to CIA blanket drone bombings of tribal areas. Also, Western and Christian schools in places like Afghanistan don't exist any longer. In Libya, leaders who were renditioned by MI6 as suspected Al Qaeda: now suggest Sharia Law as a constitution now in power. In Afghanistan, radicalist legislation has also passed. In Kenya, US allies under Obama have introduced Sharia law into their constitution. In all these countries, anti-Israeli, and Anti-US sentiments have sky-rocketed. Also, the average person is forced to pick up the pieces after wars. Their well-being is damaged. Radical Islam which Now rules their puppet regime nations, only thrives among the vastly poor. It operates much like the prosperity new wave "Christian" Churches in North Africa: which only really succeed among the poor: and introduce shocking, unwise laws. In Afghanistan, marital rape was one of the things the US backed government attempted to assist: allowing a man to starve his wife for three days whenever she refuses sex with him.

Obama can call on the Hollywood elite, for re-election. It is they, like Justin Bieber now, who fought so hard to get him elected in 2008, before shutting up quickly when he repeated Bush's mistakes to an even greater degree. While songs were made about Bush failing New Orleans: the fact Obama sidelined the need for safety regulations for off-shore drilling is often ignored. That he used poisonous chemicals to clean the spill, when natural dissipation was advised by experts, again is not sung of. The deepest destruction to the gulf coast environment was from the clean-up not the oil spill.

Like the ANC in South Africa, Obama relies on fear mongering: Climate Change (which he has done nothing but exacerbate internationally), lack of jobs (a lack created by him and bad management), fear or the religious right (which founded his country and its constitution), and support of Muslim, but not Christian holidays, while putting in place policy that disenfranchises mainstream Muslim culture in America, many parts of the world, and forces Catholics in America to disobey they consciences.

On the matter of Justin Bieber's support, which Obama has flaunted at town (halls) meetings. A sad fact no self respecting politician would be proud of. It certainly is a good thing that this kid only appeals to 13 year old girls, and some male rap artists.

One can only hope that parents dumb enough to wait hours in ticket lines, won't vote for the man who put them out of a job and alienated the rest of the world, simply because their 13 year old daughter wants Justin Bieber to marry her.

Just as Justin Bieber's parting at gay club Kremlin, and support of gay marriage special privileges, should concern his flock of 13 year old zealots, Barack Obama's choice to use celebrity to try to be re-elected should concern just about everyone.

South Africa weathered the financial disasters of world economics by keeping close advisors like Standard and Poors: Obama, however has alienated and attacked the authorities of world finances.

His just recent attempt is dangerously, of late: to do away with conscience protections against his radical social and financial agenda: forcing the closing of adoption agencies, and hurting Catholics who would be excommunicated if they assisted in abortion and other things.

The man who prompted a senior Vatican official to state his healthcare legislation was an act of war against the Vatican, is running for re-election. France 24 and all international media and authorities, have warned of the effect of US withdrawals in nations they destabilised, but that has been just the agenda.

Like Justin Bieber, he (Obama) relies on a cult of dedicated followers, blind to his courting of several others: here the special interests of the companies that funded him into power. Companies such as abortion and healthcare chain Planned Parenthood, who gained millions of dollars from healthcare legislation, which a vast majority of Americans oppose. Supporters such as those that praised US intervention, introducing Sharia law in to Kenya, Libya, Afghanistan, et al.

Obama in 2008 was very vague in his promises. He is again.

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