Friday, 11 November 2011

When the "Other" Vatican spoke: crackdown on personal views, in the Holy See: after document appears to support Occupy Wall Street!


Dark waters swirl at the Vatican. Notorious for sporadic shocking press releases, and lack of media packs to explain statements to major press houses: forcing Catholic media to defend it. Famous for misstatements and infamous clarification.

When the Vatican press office released a statement which media saw as supporting anti-establishment and anti-deodorant occupy wall street, despite the document itself claiming no Vatican sanction: the press office wasn't replaced.

The Justice and Peace department of the Vatican city state, which made the statement, caused some division and calls of foul play, unnamed sources have released to the press. The Secretary of State, responsible for the Vatican government and foreign relations, reeled at the impact of such an anti-G20 document being delivered to the G20 and the world without permission or clarification. Damage to Vatican G20 relations, and with the public, where the document was misinterpreted, has made waves.

"No more firing from the hip, even if it was hurt in a fall"
Down to the intrepid facts

Secretary of State for the Vatican: Tarcisio Bertone, Sandro Magister of L'Espresso is reported in CWNews as reporting: has ordered that all Vatican government departments have their statements to the public vetted by the Department of the Secretary of State, before media ravenously are allowed to devour them.

"Blot out my offence"

The document, asking that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) be replaced by a new global financial authority, controlled within the UN (United Nations) structures, which would govern world financial authorities, and act like a central bank: apparently was even controversial within the Vatican itself, and released to media far in advance of any Vatican officials seeing it.

The Vatican's IOR central bank, has been known to issue statements in the past, as has the pope, but the Justice and Peace Council, really would be better suited to justice and peace issues than those of finance or relations with states. It is surprising despite the controversy of their document, that Italian media now reports they kept all other interested Vatican departments in the dark. On such an important spiralling out of control issue. It seems it involves ruffling feathers, when some independents take to: Involving crimes against logic and body odour; monetary and social left wing, anti-institutional agendas, and bad Halloween costumes: with the Vatican's clean, institutional ("right wing"), intellectual, the-anti-Halloween-like clean bathed image!

The question is why the National and International Relations and not the dogma department is the one to review these documents. The answer is simple enough. The release is clearly seen as hurting the Vatican: on its global stage.

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