Friday, 25 November 2011

A more conservative conclave to elect the next pope

Article by Marc Aupiais

Cardinal Adrianus Simonis, is set to turn 80 years old on Tomorrow, November 26th 2011: reports Rome Reports. The fact of the matter, is that at age 80, the Cardinal will no longer be allowed to partake in the election of the next pope.

Rome reports, notes that with the retirement of the cardinal from the Netherlands, minus the retiring Dutch Cardinal: there will now be: 111 Cardinals able to elect; 63 appointed by John Paul; 48 by Benedict XVI; with about 82 cardinals currently unable to elect due to their age.

Benedict XVI, has consistently attempted to create more conservative cardinals. He has also moved to have the offices which appoint bishops, hold conservatives.

The current pope appears to be of the view that obedience to Canon Law, with its origins in the secular laws of the Roman Empire, ensures a better bishop or cardinal or pope. Benedict XVI, as a cardinal was instrumental in breaking up the conspiracy that had existed before he took charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. His efforts lead to the near non-existence of sexual indecency cases after his appointment in the Congregation. The Bishops he has appointed Cardinal: are more likely to be those who believe in obeying the Canon Law: which has a basis pre-dating Christianity in the Early Roman Republic.

The Roman Law basis of Canon law, is the same basis of continental European law, South African, Zimbabwean, Pakistani law.

Canon law, in recent times, forces bishops to offer their resignation at age 75, and disqualifies Cardinals from electing a pope at age 80.

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