Monday, 28 November 2011

Terror attack in South Africa foiled

Article by Marc Aupiais

Usually BBM messages from some sources are scams. This had a touch of reality. This was from a reliable source:

"Please send to family & friends who may be in the area - From [omitted]: Confirmed bomb at Eastgate. Building evacuated. Avoid area."

I forwarded to my contacts, with the warning it may be spam.

Then, I got a reply, and said:

"another friend said they watched, said personally to me, the news! Said they heard there was a bomb! So please doubly avoid Eastgate- Marc!"

It seems by then it was defused. My final message on the matter was:

"All clear: They have announced on radio that there was a bomb and it has been defused and taken away. And my friend said bomb was disarmed already now!"

A few minutes ago!

I'm glad for bbm, or without my friends, I couldn't have kept right up to date and send this out to the other friends who didn't know.

Bombing, and terrorism is rare since an Islamist insurgency was halted in the 1990's. The Ethnic Afrikaans Farmer's Army, in the 2000's, was also infiltrated successfully and dealt with by security forces.

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