Monday, 7 November 2011

Zenit dead! Long live Zenit!

Article by Marc Evan Aupiais

Zenit. Such a strange, mysterious name. Perhaps an ancient Peruvian monster. A sea monster, which warriors pursue. Zenit, the internationally recognised Catholic powerhouse, now ironically dead under Vatican indirect control.

Zenit, the voice and face of the Legionaries of Christ: now so infamous: somehow claimed to be independent all its years of quiet operations. The Late Editors, now claim, to the competition at Catholic News Agency, that it was following a desire for more transparency; for changes to the board: that a tornado of change engulfed Zenit.

The Editorial Team: wanted members of other Catholic media on the board: to push out the legionaries. They quit or were asked to quit when this failed.

The shining star of Catholic independent media: through wanting to be less independent but more transparent on funding use: frankly died. The Founding Editors left, en masse. Zenit died. Hydra Zenit rose in its place.

After the plagiarism, and the shocking double life of the former, Late (dead) head of the Legionaries of Christ : Fr Marciel: was discovered; and the complicity of the legionaries: high tea Zenit found itself in the Vatican and Legionary Cross-hairs.

The Legionaries came under Vatican control. Zenit came directly under Legionary control: losing its famed editors, and their bright ideas of submitting to other Catholic media: their competitors.

Independence from a monopoly was persevered at Zenit: but now fully clawed by the tentacles of their legionary masters.

When I read Zenit now, I almost wonder what monster hides just below the surface, what Yeti hides in the snow white of the page: what sea serpent hides under the blue: waiting just that moment to grab me.

Fact is: while dramatically boring: something Zenit wasn't the last time I really truly read it before it died: about a year ago. After the change just a short time ago, articles have continued much the same but without a flair they had. It is as though an old priest now edits it, rather than laymen. It has that ancient dignified sense.

While many have unsubscribed, I have not. I read AFP of the French government. I read Fides of the Vatican. I read Zenit: of the Legionaries; who are now directly babysit by the Vatican.

It makes an interesting read. One wonders: who controls Zenit: the legionaries, or their Vatican babysitting teams.

The tentacles reach out around the world symbol of Zenit! But who's tentacles? And perhaps is it not a good thing: that American Catholic media houses have not taken over what was always a largely global viewed operation: once truly a view from Rome.

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