Saturday, 5 November 2011

Don't be a Celebrity- Jesus?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Be better than the Pharasees or you won't enter heaven. Don't be like the Hypocrites, who's faith is false. Don't be like a tax collector. Tax collectors, and harlots will enter heaven before you!

Any of these ring a bell.

Pharasees came from the Maccabees: the famous Jewish warriors who fought on the Sabbath. They became a religious cult/denomination in Jesus' time. They were closer to the truth than the other Jewish major Hebrew sect.

Hypocrites: were stage actors in the Greek plays. Actors, celebrities to use a modern word. If you want to know what not to be: pick up People Magazine, Time Magazine, Forbes. Jesus also said only through God's grace can the kings, emperors: the rich: of our days be saved. John the Baptist said: those with good clothes serve in the palaces of kings: you did not come to see such a man. Jesus said to a disciple: if you want to be perfect give up all you have and follow me: but as a rich man he could not accept the call to be a monk.

Jesus shows again: by his wisdom: that kings, claim to be representatives serving the people, but really aren't: saying: be the least that you may be greatest in Heaven: God's presence is Heaven: his dominion: we call heaven! The pearly gates don't exist yet, God however does. They will after all is destroyed that can be destroyed.

Be humble. Don't seek after the things people seek. Don't emulate actors, celebrities. Jesus reacted to the celebrities of his day by mourning them. The Pharasees who everyone greeted, and who valued the respect they gained. The kings, who he snubbed: saying: My Kingdom is not OF this world, even if it includes THIS WORLD!

Jesus has no respect for celebrity. He said Greet EVERYONE in the marketplace: knowing most only greeted the important! Jesus doesn't want us to have two standards: one for the rich and one for the poor: where the rich always get the softer standard: rather: he wants us to be as he is: frankly unimpressed! Unimprinted! Honest! And thriving and doing every deed, taking every sip, stroke: in honest air and water of honesty! I AM WHO I AM: not who YOU tell me (ME) to be!

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