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The Uprising Against the Desert Mirage: Why Egypt's power is the same as under Mubarak

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Article by Marc  Aupiais

The phantom in the pond, of the Egyptian revolution, is that the people who put Mubarak in power, were not overthrown, and if anything are more powerful. Now, with the massacre of Christians... Some in media are beginning to realise, that the Egyptian army has no intention of ceding the power of might that they used to have held up and with which they had appointed Mubarak. The temporary supreme power remains , along the Nile of Egypt, of the very people, who were the clandestine true ruling power; behind the figurehead that once was Mubarak.

When the Egyptian Revolution of sorts was in full swing, South African Catholic, in an article I wrote, warned against the change of power as something potentially catastrophic. A change in power where people die, religious freedom is damaged, and nothing really changes.

Media knew full well, and were wilfully negligent in neglecting to inform us the public of something we all knew from a bit of research, something I noted worriedly and wished that media would report on. South African Catholic certainly reported on the haphazard and deadly true position in the Revolution in Egypt.

Mubarak was a figurehead. Real power in Egypt, as I have noted time and again, has always, and continues to lay with the ferocious but diplomatic Egyptian Generals and army corpse.

Mubarak was one of a number of puppet princes installed by this army, funded with a Billion US dollars a year by America, and in the current constitutional framework, far more powerful a nemesis of the people than Mubarak, a mere figurehead ever was.

The army of Egypt, was careful not to partake directly in fighting, the very reason for a figurehead is that they are expendable. The New York Times, and others are finally, allegedly only now awaking to the fact that the Egyptian army always has been the king maker in Egypt, that they appointed Mubarak, and intend officially and publicly now to appoint Egypt's next dictatorship/government.

Whereas the Catholic press were deeply concerned by the revolutions, whereas it warned of future crackdowns against Catholics, as either a rebel government came to power, or the army was forced to act in a populist manner, mainstream Western media lauded the revolution, and the role Facebook, Google, twitter played.

The real spark, is not the massacre of Christians by the Egyptian army recently, in which allegedly, Coptic Christian Minority Egyptians were driven over, and shot at with live ammunition by Egyptian soldiers. The real spark was noted by Official Vatican news agency, Agenzia Fides: always a useful source in conflict monitoring. Fides reported that a marked change occurred with the storming of the Israeli embassy recently, that in past times the building would have been sourly protected to the death by Egyptian soldiers, who would far outnumber protesters. Israel is where the army of Egypt  gets its billion dollar a year funding from America from, yet the army in Egypt, now believed that bowing to populist intentions was more important. Interestingly, just before the revolution occurred, I monitored increased sales of US arms to the Egyptian army, as I noticed this reported in specialist military monitoring news media.

The cabinet it says, must be chosen by the army, as with the Prime Minister: a return to Mubarak days. The power behind the power allegedly wants to insure it can keep this power. It also, allegedly desires the huge power which would come with suggested power to intervene to keep Egypt secular. The powers will be greatest until 2013 when there may be an election, according to military officials, quoted in the New York Times. The Carte  Blanche to protect "secularism" may extend much further with dire consequences.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this New York Times October 14th 2011

Wikileaks, according to the UK Telegraph reported that the revolution in Egypt, had been planned for exactly when it occurred. While George W. Bush, rejected attempts to insure regime change in Egypt, the Obama administration had a different view. Either way, the people who organized the Egyptian uprising, were trained by the Americans, according to the Telegraph, as our service detailed when the revolution was allegedly in full swing.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this SACNS January 30th 2011; February 2nd 2011

The army, in Egypt, chose figureheads because like a hydra, it can lose them one by one. The power behind the power remains, and it will be surprising if any real democracy emerges in Egypt. Certainly... now that Satellite   Television viewers have had their viewing pleasure: the seeming alleged fall of a monolithic state, and have moved onto Libya: a seeming genocide against Sub-Saharan Africans *, by tribally connected warlords, disguised as an overthrow, more viewing pleasure can result.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this SACNS September 2nd 2011;

In North Africa and the Middle East:

Everything "Changes", Everything :"Stays the same".

(once again my source is the New York Times, claims that the revolution on the ground was pushed forward by propaganda against "kaffirs" ("unbelievers": specifically in this case: black ones))

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