Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cardinal Foley: a likeable, effeminate, Christmas loving but slightly incompetent man?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Cardinal Foley was the Christmas commentator for years: for the American English church. He was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as head of the order of the Holy Sepulchre. That is: of getting charity for the Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

He is described as leaving thank you notes and making constant communication with friends and colleagues. They remember his jokes, and his ignoring of his cancer. His support of Salt and Light Television, his sentimentality and softness of person. His support for sometimes very politicised propaganda by Catholic News Service. His never bad mouthing a soul- allegedly.

Chaput notes his charismatic ability and that those who loved and cherished him and respected him: he hopes will be consoled. The Pope gave similar words.

Oddly lacking in all accounts is any claim that the man was even slightly effective as Head of the Social Communications department of the Vatican.

From the moment he retired there, news quality has gone considerably up.

The Cardinal died in Philadelphia.

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