Tuesday, 27 October 2009

ZENIT - Scholars Aim to Disprove Darwin

Note by Marc Aupiais

As editor of South African Catholic, I admit- I am an evolutionist, and the facts in this article, seem to be the same facts creationists have spewed out for years- motivated by some desire to prove a younger Earth- possibly. When the pope had discussions on Evolution, creationists were notably and seemingly purposely excluded.

The church has largely taken the side of mainstream science. Granted, it did that against Galileo- when his views contradicted those of the science of the time, but that was prior any solid proof- that the Greek system (not the biblical system) was wrong about the planets. As for me, I am still on the side of evolution.

Zenit, however, is a top news service, and of note. According to them, some members of what I personally consider the "other side", think they have disproven evolution.

Zenit writes:

"After a year of conferences celebrating the 150th anniversary of Darwin's 1859 book, "On the Origin of Species," a Nov. 9 conference is planned to provide empirical proof to debunk evolution.

Rome's Pope Pius V University will host the daylong conference that will present a scientific refutation of evolution theory.

Peter Wilders and H. M. Owen, organizers of the event, told ZENIT that the conference is aimed to "stimulate debate among scientists" and that it is particularly geared to university students."

Being young, they have less built-in resistance to new data that conflicts with establishment dogma," a statement from the organizers explained.

"Darwinian evolution has become the accepted paradigm of the scientific community," they noted.

"New research data that challenges that paradigm is automatically rejected for philosophical rather than scientific reasons.

"Results of recent empirical research published by scientific academies refutes the basic principles of the geological time-scale. It reduces the age of rocks and therefore the fossils in them.

The theory of evolution is undergirded by both the time-scale and the age of fossils.

"This evidence from sedimentology harmonizes with the latest findings in genetics, paleontology, physics, and other scientific disciplines. The implications of this research are fatal for Darwinism. [...]""

October 26th 2009 -
Zenit News (Independent; Catholic; American)


I guess we shall see after November 5th- don't expect any miracles, I certainly don't. Then again I think evolution a miracle.

My comments here are of course opinion. I have often used Genesis in an attempt to debunk creationism, and have enjoyed seeing friends abandon the young earth theory. That said, anything is possible. This is a note, not an article. If it turns out creationism is scientifically correct, so be it. Evolution is only a good theory.

What are your views?!...

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