Monday, 12 October 2009

Apologies- we are unable to upload the rest of our scheduled news tonight, due to prevailing weather conditions in the vicinity of our Gauteng Centre

Note from Editor: Marc Aupiais

Due to weather conditions in the proximity of our main centre in Gauteng Province, we have had to close down much of our posting of articles tonight.

It is purely due to this, that our last article does not contain a summary of stories at its top, and because of this that it is not translated into Afrikaans and French, as is customary for our service.

Our publishing of the first VIS news dispatch to be received in a while will not go ahead tonight.

As for the previous political article:

It dealt with:

- The changing of the Make-up of the Constitutional Court in the Republic of South Africa, which could see a change in legal climate and what the Constitution influences.

- The continued lack of Security in the Eastern DR Congo.

- The visiting of a Russian Orthodox Church's consecration by Russia's First-Lady.

- Barack Obama's latest endorsement of Gay Marriage, and his claims of this being a human right- both of his beliefs here- Homosexual "Marriage", and the concept of this as a "Human Right" are opposed by the Catholic church as evil.

- The Top Envoy to Afghanistan of the UN, has confirmed accusations of mass election fraud in the war-torn middle-eastern nation.

- The Top UN envoy to Iraq has raised concerns over election rules being in his view: vague.

Today, in a separate article- we also published a story on a Hawaian priest, who was reportedly sainted.

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