Sunday 4 October 2009

Barbaric suggested changes to South African law give police with too much power already- more power

Editorial by Marc Aupiais

The Zuma administration, having failed to promote the justice system, and created the perception of a dual legal system in South Africa- now want to remove a section of legislation which prevents police from using deadly force against a fleeing suspect or similar circumstance. The SAPS (South African Police Service): is already more empowered then other police services- as relates when a warrant is needed for arrest, and when they can enter private property.

The ruling ANC deafly shut down the Scorpions, South Africa's organised crime unit, which had been investigating our current president on over 700 charges.

It is alleged that South Africa's prisoners are treated in a sub-human manner. The current chief of police, a political appointee- increased deaths in police custody locally in the province where he was premier.

The Scorpions were very successful at taking in criminals and locking these behind bars- due to organised, efficient, intelligent and well-trained investigatory work.

The Presidential "Corruption Hotline", and "zero-tolerance" actions advocated by ANC officials, certainly smell of a government covering up its own inadequacies.

It is my personal view, that this is just another reason to fear a government, which now also officially spies on its citizens- storing our phone and electronic communications in a database (RICA Amendment Act).

That three staunch Zuma buddies are now in charge of our intelligence force, and a man so willing to have people only suspected of crime- disregarded as worthy of a full trial before they are hurt, is in charge of police is certainly concerning.

The views expressed in this editorial are not necessarily the views of this service. They are the views of our current editor.

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