Sunday, 4 October 2009

Benedict XVI: To US Ambassador: The protection of life cannot be abandoned

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Notation by Marc Aupiais

Note from Editor:

Where America's Secular "Associated Press" got it wrong, possibly on purpose- given the odd way their article was written on the issue, the Vatican's CTV has placed the Pope's greeting of the American Ambassador in the proper category, basically saying he brought his concerns about the protection of conscience of healthcare workers, and about the state of the protection of life from conception to natural death- to the attention of the US ambassador.

The Associated press claimed that the pope seemed to endorse a National Health Insurance Plan a.k.a. ObamaCare- which local bishops opposed, and are extremely alarmed about, due to the perception that Obama plans to use this as a way to enforce universal funding for abortion in America.

The US president is connected with abortion firm Planned Parenthood, to whom he made a number of promises prior his election. Obama's "Democrats", recently voted against any clause excluding abortion from coverage in Obama's planned new healthcare scheme, which has been criticized extensively by conservatives, who claimed Obama was a socialist prior the election.

The Pope's statements about concern over abortion, directed specifically at the US ambassador, come at an ideal time for those opposing Obama's multiple attempts at liberalizing of America's abortion schemes.

The Pope also spoke to the ambassador to the Philippines, which is in a civil war against what the press has seen as Islamic Fundamentalists- where he advised strengthening peace initiatives.

To the Netherlands, the pope gave a message: asking that the Northern European nation focus on protecting the family.

In our experience, the pope often almost directly quotes local bishops, and his messages to nations or ambassadors, from examination via comparison of speeches has in the past been shown to be based on the views of at least one prominent local bishop in each nation he speaks to.

Benedict XVI: The protection of life cannot be abandoned: "

Peace, economic ethics and the role of religion in public debate were the themes that Benedict XVI addressed on Friday, October 2nd, in his speeches to the three new ambassadors to the Holy See: Mercedes Arrastia Tuason of the Philippines; Henriette Johanna Cornelia Maria van Lynden-Leijten of the Netherlands, and Miguel Humberto Diaz of the United States of America.Addressing the ambassador of the Philippines, the Pope noted that it is necessary to strengthen peace initiatives, commit to ...




October 02, 2009

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