Sunday 25 October 2009

Why celebacy of the priesthood?

Note by Marc Aupiais

As a Catholic, one has three choices- Marriage, Single life, or consecrated life.

This is because Jesus said- some become enuchs for the sake of the gospel. This despite that becoming an enuch (the cutting off of a part), accompanied direct exclusion from Israel, as something wrong.

Saint Paul said that a man with a wife, must focus on her and God. He is her head (that is her support, not her mind, despite the regular misquote made), he is to please her, and God.

The priest must focus only on God.

Most of us plan to enter married life sometime in the future, but some choose single life, or consecrated life. The priest, like the single individual- has no place being anything but celebate. His hands hold God, and give us the Eucharist.

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