Friday 2 October 2009

Benedict XVI: The love of Christ is our strength

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Video noted by Marc Aupiais

The pope seems to say his visit to the Czech republic was a pilgrimage, that he was visiting what in history was a Christian nation, but that it was also a mission of faith to this once great nation, in which so many thousands came to hear him, and in which the Catholic faith is large as compared with other faiths. His message is beautiful, and this pope always has an effect when he speaks:

Benedict XVI: The love of Christ is our strength: "

Benedict XVI: We must not be afraid of truth, because it is a friend of man and his freedom. Indeed, only by sincerely seeking truth, goodness and beauty can we truly offer a future to the young people of today and to future generations.During the General Audience on September 30th, which was held in St. Peters Square, Benedict XVI retraced with affection and gratitude the different stages of his 13th international apostolic visit that led him to the streets of Prague, Brno and Stará ...




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