Sunday 25 October 2009

Mail and Guardian- wrong again!

Note by Marc Aupiais

The Mail and Guardian (Secular; Independent; South African; Liberal / leftist) is claiming that the Catholic church may need to evaluate the celebacy of the Latin Rite / Mainstream Catholic church after deciding to accept Anglican Priests into the communion, including married ones.

There are 23 rites in the Catholic church, 22 of them rejoined after leaving.

The practice of accepting the married Anglican priests into the Church is centuries long, not new, and last we checked over at South African Catholic- these married priests have to remain celebate in their marriages.

This is why one should rather read BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation] (Secular; Governmental; British; possible bias on environmental issues, slightly liberal) on Catholicism, or another more accurate source.

Even us independent Catholic news services, some of whom are more accurate, because of the specialisation!

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