Thursday 29 October 2009

News - East Africa: US slams Uganda's new anti-gay bill

Editorial Note from Editor

News - East Africa: US slams Uganda's new anti-gay bill: "The US has said Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Bill is a setback for human rights, but the Ugandan government says it has told its critics to mind their own business."

Donor Nations, aren't happy? Sure, why not be grumpy, its not like those good African Nations who commit Genocide, at least its not a push by pro-lifers, then those Ugandan children would need to be sent away, after all, we can't get rid of the nuisance of people on Africa, they might even start righting our errors, or writing blogs and criticizing us. As it is, "donor nations" are unhappy- precisely why I don't donate to the UN or major charities, I'm unhappy- unhappy that they try reduce our populations by abortion, not over some law which compared to African Witchcraft legislation, is mild! Do I support the Ugandan law- no, I never could support what I see as a human rights abuse, but really, the USA has devalued Human Rights enough, no wonder Uganda, like the rest of us here, don't want to hear about America's version of human rights, even when they have a point!

I don't think gay people should be arrested, but I think there are plenty worse things than banning homosexuality, "Homosexual Marriage", is one of those on that list of worse things, especially due to statistics on children without Father and Mother figures, and crime. Africa already sees the west as interfering with its business, the Catholic church, now also does here. Perhaps, the west would have a stronger voice if they did not persecute pro-life countries, or those who ban homosexual "marriage" also, then maybe they would be a voice of reason, telling Uganda, not to arrest these people, as it is, America is very hard to please, and their consistent AID initiatives, have correlated directly with a rise in STDs in Africa, and a rise in the amount of starving people- wonderful to import the food aid... really, ingenious, and then flood our markets with untested, GM, and subsidized foods, keep us under your little finger while feeling charitable.

If America interfered more strategically, and in a less partisan matter, do you think Africa's leaders would listen, or do you think western ways have been forced on Africa for long enough that it wont make a difference, or do you think African leaders should be listening more to the west and have no excuse?!

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Marc Aupiais

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