Saturday 3 October 2009

Ireland Votes Yes to Lisbon treaty

Notation by Marc Aupiais

After a vote on the issue, Ireland, with the support of a liberalising government, has voted "yes" to the Lisbon treaty, a second time around- the first time having voted against the treaty- which will see more centralised control, and reportedly streamlining of the EU (European Union).

Arabic news station Aljazeera, has suggested that the treaty creates the role of something of a European president, and suggested that dissident British Catholic, Ex-Prime Minister: Tony Blair may be suggested for the role.

Much of the opposition against the treaty was conducted by religious groupings, in a still largely statistically Catholic nation.

The recession, and strong political support of the treaty, have both been seen as reasons why this second time around: Ireland voted "yes", instead of no on the treaty.

The vote was reportedly decisive, according to Euronews.

The treaty still needs to be ratified by the president of the Czech republic, who has aired doubts about the treaty. And had gambled on the Irish voting against the treaty, having claimed he expected Ireland to make a "no" vote.

Dublin has reportedly gained guarantees from Brussels, protecting its military independence, and reportedly protecting its policies against abortion from European influence, according to Euronews.

Poland also still needs to ratify the treaty.

Ireland is the only European Nation, which has held a public vote on the issue, as was required in its Constitution.

The President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, said on Euronews, that those opposing the treaty are just as important as those voting "yes" to the treaty. He gave a message seeking to unite both sides.

The European Commissioner, and the Irish President have both welcomed the vote results as a good thing.

Those opposing the treaty, according to Aljazeera, could still succeed in quashing it after Ireland elects its next government- that is if the Czech president, (or Poland) delays ratification until that point. The Arabic news station, further claimed that the current administration has been seen as unpopular, and that a "yes" vote was important to them.

The Official Result to the Lisbon Treaty vote in Ireland was announced at Dublin Castle, at 16:44 local time today. (As this paragraph is being written).

67.1% of the "valid" votes made were for the treaty, turnout was 58% (Figure from EuroNews).

Ireland's nationalist party, had been noted as the political voice against the treaty. Other parties had pushed the treaty, including the current administration.

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