Friday 9 October 2009

Barack Obama "Wins" Nobel Prize

Note by Marc Aupiais

"He was not thought to be among the frontrunners but Barack Obama has won this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The surprise announcement was made by the Nobel Committee in Oslo.


The Committee's statement said: "Obama has as president created a new international climate, multilateral diplomacy has regained a central position with emphasis on the role that the UN and other international institutions can play. Dialogue and negotiations are prefered as instruments for resolving even the most difficult conflicts".


But he is less than nine months into his first term, and has yet to score what could be considered a major foreign policy success. The decision has provoked a mixed reaction on the world stage." (EuroNews 09 / 10 | October / 2009)

While many people may still be hoping that the mainstream news got this story wrong- others are beginning to realise the reality of what has happened.

US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Prize- for what you may ask, don't worry, we're asking the same thing: maybe for being elected?

Or is it that whole idea that he has ideas on the environment which haven't succeeded yet?

Oh- was that the international diplomacy environment? Oh? Has he succeeded there?

For a prize started by a man who created the explosive "dynamite", and started a prize in his own name after reading his own negatively written obituary in a newspaper due to a media error, this is hardly out of place. It does put to shame people who actually achieved their goals before getting the prize.

By the time Obama was voted in for the prize, prior public release of results, his only achievement was to expand abortion funding- that is according to Creative Minority Report, we haven't verified it. He'd also made a number of speeches, and promises he did not keep, or maybe kept in the same way the ANC promises people land (anyone heard of some US base in Cuba which was meant to close down?).

So remember- the Nobel prize is pretentious, wait- was that meant to be said: "prestigious"- did I make a media error- no, it was intentional, too bad for Nobel.

The person who gives a fair, reasonable explanation for why Obama deserves this prize over others who did something, may well deserve his prize.

The explanation which no-one should get a prize for- is that its for Obama's efforts to do things, like (failed) diplomacy.

For another source c.f.

CNN (a.k.a. Why am I watching this Channel- quick- change to BBC) [secular; "independent"; American]

09 October 09


Euronews (Secular; Independent; French)

"Extraordinary efforts" win Obama Nobel prize - Nobel Prize : news ...

09 / 10 / 2009

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