Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Church alerted to pornography allegations against bishop 20 years ago ?

Evidence seems to be mounting against an ex-bishop who seems to have possessed pornography, child pornography of young teenage boys over twenty years ago that was witnessed in a catalogue.

Startling news about Bishop Raymond Lahey broke earlier this week, Lahey, the 69-year-old former bishop for the Antigonish diocese, is charged with the possession and importation of child pornography. He is staying at a monastery in Rogersville, N.B., pending his next court appearance Nov. 4 in Ottawa.

Apparently, a young man approached Rev. Kevin Molloy in Portugal Cove and told his story in his rectory and that story is not recorded anywhere.

Father Malloy supposedly spoke with the ex-bishop Lahey but it fell on deaf ears and the story quietly slipped away till reappearing some twenty years later.

Its not shocking anymore these stories, it happens. What are hurtful and shocking are who and what positions the people have in our society that does this. The shock and devastation is always higher when it occurs to come from someone we trust like a priest. A person whom the ultimate trust we expect, like parents, teachers, doctors etc., that’s what is so shocking or hurtful. We want to trust wholeheartedly. These are people we pour our hearts out to for advice. We are turning into a paranoid society of everyone whom we are expected to trust.

Trust is imperative in lots of things we do in our everyday lives, our family, our friendships; it’s earned over time, when lost its hard if ever to get back. Trust is one of the strongest qualities in any relationship. Without trust you have nothing. What’s even sadder in these cases is when people in authoritive positions abuse that trust; the devastation on its victims is horrendous.

The question is why, when this priest had so much respect and support would he be living a lie his entire career. The next question would be why didn’t this surface and why wasn’t it investigated all those years ago? How many lives have been destroyed for looking the other way because of this?

Infuriated and saddened parishioners spoke clearly about holding back during collections at mass to prove a point that they under no circumstance want to help our men in their defense for their sins in any type of legal or court fee's. To date Father Lahey has not requested assistance.

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