Friday 2 October 2009

AP don't get it!

Note by Marc Aupiais

It seems the first pro-abortion Catholic in recent or any (if I remember correctly) history, Professor Miguel H. Diaz, to be America's ambassador to the Vatican, has finally entered his position. AP says that Benedict XVI complimented Obama, but knowing the speeches of this pope, we note- the "vibrant democracy" the pope complimented was the one he visited during the Bush era. The AP article also suggests that the Pope's support of basic healthcare is endorsement of ObamaCare, a pro-abortion health scheme which US Bishops have slated in droves. Basic healthcare is basic healthcare, in context the pope also reportedly said that he wants America to protect life from conception until natural death, and wanted the consciences of healthcare workers to be protected.

The offensively uninformed article is available here:

Analysis, and background, detail

The BBC had previously speculated, that Diaz would not be accepted by the Vatican to his position, his appointment to duty was further oddly delayed. Many US bishops have openly criticized the pro-abortion Obama administration, especially its attempts to introduce a National Health Insurance initiative (ObamaCare), which would include funding for abortion. Some Democrats have claimed that claims this bill includes funding for abortion, are incorrect, but the Democrats refused to add any amendment which would prevent abortion from being covered in this federally funded scheme. Barack Obama recently removed 50 million US Dollars funding of successful abstinence focused sexual education classes, which had received funding under George W Bush. The US President is heavily associated with Planned Parenthood, an abortion and contraception firm which also provides contraceptive focussed sex-ed classes in US schools. Alarms started ringing in Catholic organizations during the US election, when Obama- who voted to prevent abortion survivors from getting medical treatment, made a number of press reported promises- to Planned Parenthood, involving abortion. Diaz, a Hispanic ethnically, has been a controversial figure, himself, among others: insuring that one particular advocate of abortion was given charge of America's Health and Human Services department.

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