Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Benedict XVI: Love the Church without ever betraying her

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Noted by Marc Aupiais

Note: Here the pope calls attention to a specific Saint, and figure in the Church, noted for his power in politics, and in the Church. He does so, with a message that those serving the Church are called not only to love her, but to never betray her. We often find that the words of the papacy are of use to some of our readers. Inform us if we can improve our service, we welcome well-meaning tips, and information.

Benedict XVI: Love the Church without ever betraying her: "

May the love for truth and the constant thirst for God [] be an incentive for every Christian to seek without ever tiring an ever more intimate union with Christ. This was the wish Benedict XVI expressed on Wednesday, September 23rd, during the General Audience.To the faithful gathered in the Paul VI Hall, the Pope outlined the spiritual features of St. Anselm, a medieval monk of intense spiritual life, excellent teacher for the youth, a theologian with an extraordinary speculative ability, a wise politician and an intransigent defender of the libertas Ecclesiae.His life, which led him from Italy to France then to England, was characterized by a profound research of the mysteries of the Christian ...



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