Saturday, 12 September 2009

The Temporary and the eternal; to whom we pledge allegiance!

Note by (editor) Marc Aupiais

To fight a temporary battle- or an eternal one. To postpone our death as long as possible- or serve God with life and past unfortunate death?

How we live speaks of our war- we fight. If we lie we discredit God, if we tell truth we may suffer, but serve His purpose. If we tell truth wisely- as a wise weapon to wield- of an intuitive soldier, and agent of Grace- if we love God- we do wise things eternally.

Our choice is between this battle and His battle- our own existence, and the wisdom which makes it alive and dynamic.

My choice- to fight my battle in His battle- to preserve me- by fighting with His wise training.

It is always a dilemma when we lie- we never know enough about life. So much can be gained in truth and wisdom's silence.

God is with the true of heart and mind and soul!

Fight your fights in the method of God. Thus fight His war with Him, rather than serving yourself and God.

For God cares for his own if they are wise, and care for themselves to serve Him, and to the extent that it is good. We must all hold to our methods of True War. It is never wise in eternity to serve evil to aid ourselves.

Every inkling of thought has some impact! We should always think ahead. If God's way through is hard to come by- it is because wisdom is never simple. To serve God we must learn to think, to listen to the silent voice below thought. To hear wisdom and reason speak- as we observe what we can of what must and has occurred!

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