Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Weather conditions- causing our service to shut down for the night

Service note by Marc Aupiais

Due to one of the first this season of the many famous Highveld thunderstorms we experience during the summer season in Gauteng- our main centre, is being shut down for the night. It is unlikely that any secondary extra-territorial centre will compile an article today, as none seems to have been planned- meaning that we will likely shut down for the night. As all our online sites are based in outside the country- none of these infamous summer storms will affect access to information already online.

Being in the business hub of Africa, also brings with it the geographical and mostly meteorological disadvantages of this.

Goodnight to our Scripturelink.net viewers.

We should catch up tomorrow with articles. Expect further weather disruption during the summer period we have just entered- but also for us to continue to catch up when weather is clear, and it is safe to use our equipment.

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