Saturday, 12 September 2009

Are you okay with you?!?!

Note by Marc Aupiais

Inside it simmers. It sloshes back and forth. You feel emptied in the broken waves as energy leaves your exhausted form.

You want them, you know you do- it is why you work so painfully.

For, they make you better- more respectable... To you.

You need them... Be it sin or not. Your will does not fight the desire, because it is deep- and we always do as we desire, even if it isn't what we truly want.

You're drowning now- grasp... In your hands an item or a word. Smile in recognition, gleam and rejoice. Fight all the more for more. Enter the flight of fight again.

You fight with the world, and it also with you. In fear you want it controlled, you self esteem... In it- depends... Now.

If only you could trust it less, if only you'd see all's fate. You drove your hopes into a straight line ahead. You work towards the goal of night. You take the too well trodden path.

I stand amid an avalanche. On the top of a glacier I gaze. I reach within the moving snow, and from it something valuable take. Seeing the danger, I take it still- and save it from the snow and cold.

In my hands- inanimate it moves, in my grasp- I hold a life.

We are not what we have- though it extends our self's dear reach. We are not our job or our career.

What we are is what we do- our wisdom is the measure of our soul.

What we are is quieter still... More silent than the voice of the moon-less, lifeless night.

What we are is how true we are, how similar to truth itself.

What we have extends our reach- but our refers to something less and ever more ad infinitum.

We are more than the sum of our parts and hopes.

Man is deeper than his surrounds, more definite, indefinite than what he lists as wants.

What we are is deeper, deeper... Depths within.

It would be a distraction from the path to knowing the true self- to call us but what we have, want or do. We are deeper than that, for we are of love. And are more than meets the average eye!

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