Thursday, 3 September 2009

Italy: Avvenire editor quits after paper connected to Berlusconi strikes a blow for the Prime Minister against the Catholic paper's editor!

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Notation by Marc Aupiais

According to the BBC (British / United Kingdom based; Governmental; Secular), Mr Dino Boffo, the prominent editor of Avvenire, has quit his post, after a seemingly scathing attack on him in: Il Giornale, a paper connected with the Italian Prime Minister: Mr Silvio Berlusconi: which suggested that the Catholic editor of Catholic paper: Avvenire had had homosexual relations in the past. Dino Boffo admits to a harassment case, but denies either fault in this or homosexuality.

Suggested in reporting on the issue is that the article, was possibly what caused Vatican Secretary of State: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to cancel a dinner with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
Avvenire, often a voice for the Italian Bishops, had been critical of Italy's Prime Minister: now in his third term in office. Allegations involving Berlusconi, and adultery, and even some allegations of use of prostitution have caused a rift between church figures and the Prime Minister.

Berlusconi, has often gotten support of Catholic voters due to his stances on the use of "Euthanasia" on human beings and Abortion. Both "Euthanasia" on human beings and Abortion are considered intrinsically evil by the Catholic church.

His opposition has often promoted abortion and "Euthanasia".

While seemingly: politically motivated, an attack by the Zimbabwean government on the then Archbishop of Harare, was later admitted to be true. The accusations against the editor of the prominent Catholic paper- could either be true or false, and could well fit another context.
The article: seemingly condemning a Catholic figure, and his subsequent resignation, reportedly due to what the article, could possibly widen a rift which has reportedly been widening over this recent saga.

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