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Atheist Dr House from "House" on TV- "religious"?

Quick note by Marc Aupiais

According to Zenit:

"The series, ["House",] created by David Shore and starring Hugh Laurie in the role of Dr. Gregory House, premiered in 2004. It now has some 66 million viewers worldwide."

Those who subscribe to Zenit News Service, as I do- will note an article today about a member of the Pontifical Academy of Life- who claims the tv series character: Atheist doctor- "House" is religious.

I am not sure I would agree or disagree- grudgingly- I will say that it is an entertaining series in the least.

The reason that "House" is claimed to be a religious man, however is of note- because is delves into the deep heart of salvation.

Of course- the member of the pontifical academy of life does not think "House" to be "pro-life", or moral.

Life, as our readers know- is the most basic block of the equation of morality.

According to the doctor and member of the Academy: quoted, Dr Carlo Bellieni, director of the Department of Neonatal Intensive Therapy at the General University Hospital of Sienna: religion is the realisation that there is truth and subsequent pursuit of it.

Or to quote him:

"House's religious sense is to search for truth knowing that there is a truth and that not everything is relative and fatuous. And in this restlessness we discern clear signs of the religious fact."

Of course, the member of the Pontifical Academy of Life, who is also justifying his book on "House"- separates religion and goodness, and I truly think this leads to a deep mistake. Truth and Life are one and the same. Religion is intricately connected with morality, even if some in it do not act morally, due to lack of success in pursuing truth.

The Doctor's statement (quoted above): Sounds real Lumen Gentium XVI, doesn't it? Lumen Gentium XVI being one of my favourite parts of Vatican II- says something similar, but not exactly the same- LG XVI is more specific, more complex- according to it- this seeking must take a form. We won't quote LG XVI- Scripturelink the result with our Scripturelink search engine, if you desire ( ).

God is truth. To seek, in conscience with honest intention: proportional truth in a matter is in truth- to seek Him, or a part of Him- to do so with the spiritual is a true exercise, as we have said before- quoting Augustine's: "God is Reality", and a church Father who called God that which is the Frame of the world also (I.e. that which Frames the world, I.e. Like a picture- I bet the translation, if and when I use one- won't get this).

While I would normally say it was a fan who wants the character to be safe, and that a brilliant director tricked them (which is likely)with flashy plot making; into believing something, and speaking:

The article is of note.

The claim that the virtue of religion is the pursuit of truth, this alone... makes the Zenit article "Debate Goes On: Something Religious in Dr. House?'" of some interest:

That said, I would question some of the logical steps, and disagree at times- but it may be a read of note (especially based on its look at what religion really is- even if I think it is still entirely too shallow in defining it):

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