Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Of interest: Pope Benedict XVI to visit Britain in 2010: BBC; Catholic NGOs help journalist photograph North Korea's plight - BBC

Note by Marc Aupiais

"Pope Benedict XVI is to visit Britain in 2010, the BBC has learned."

According to the BBC (British; Secular; Governmental), who note their correspondent Robert Piggot for his opinion on the matter, and refer to invitations extended to the Papacy by the Protestant in faith: British Prime Minister: Gordon Brown, and by the Catholic Church of Britain and Wales:

The Holy Father- Pope Benedict XVI is to visit Great Britain in the year 2010:

The BBC has also noted images taken in North Korea in August 2009, by Italian journalist Pieriorgio Pescali, who has been visiting the isolated state since 1995. They credit his access to parts of the dangerous country which other journalists cannot reach with his connections to Catholic NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). Catholics and protestants alike face persecution in North Korea, according to reports from numerous Catholic News services. The collection is entitled: "In pictures: Life in poverty-stricken North Korea":

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