Sunday, 27 September 2009

Itsy-bitsy Spider that Crawled Up A Pope

First off we should realize we all have a different definition for "itsy-bitsy" and massive deadly, fast crawling ugly black spiders. A very large spider crawled all over our Pope Benedict XVI while he addressed dignitaries in the Czech capital Prague, yesterday, is all I know to tell.

As he stood addressing the crowd I cannot be the only one who was stunned, mesmerized at what was taking place, I couldn’t hear anything for fear of where that spider was going all over his white robes. Like driving past a car accident you don't want to look but you peek ... it crawled up his arm, around his back, and then appeared again in the front, quickly moving back down his arm, then it started quickly towards his neck, circiling his neck, then it was on his ear, ugh, the camera's change. It then appears again and its travelling faster and faster closer towards his face.

My entire being was screaming inside for someone to save him … obviously, he has no fear of spiders like lots of the rest of us. Obama, had a fly issue, big deal, this wasn’t a fly or a wasp, where were Pope Benedicts security, I was waiting for someone to come running on stage with a fly swatter to save him, but nope, nothing, I assume we can’t approach him during his speech, but this was major, yikes. This crawling bug was hungry that’s what I was seeing, I didn’t see itsy-bitsy.

When it started to crawl up the right side of his face, I was done, I couldn’t take it anymore I closed my eyes, the heebie jeebie’s took over my entire body, frozen with fear, my attention was on that spider which to me appeared to be more the size of a dangerous poisonous tarantula ready to use his vicious fangs and bite his prey excuse the pun, we need to pray my insides were screaming!!!! :-)

I don’t know what the Pope spoke of, not even sure if it was in English. I’ve attached the video so you can watch, my suggestion would be to just close your eyes, relax and just listen so you aren’t distracted!!

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