Saturday, 12 September 2009

Power- temporary

Note by Marc Aupiais

We cannot hold our lies beyond the grave... Nor cover our tracks where we are no longer present.

If there is one thing my meditations on life has taught among many things- it is... that power and might are temporary. Our true eternal power is in wisdom- for this outlives us. I may be dead, but still influence in wisdom and the foundation- truth.

In strategy- the firmest- most certain moral solution is best. Every lie causes harm to our fabric and all other persons. God's way of fighting is the surest. Truth, and correct wielding of this sword is most powerful.

We can only protect ourselves and our fellows: while we still breathe, or live. Wisdom protects ourselves forever.

Wisdom alone is the resonance of our life, our soul's full design is written in wisdom, by letters written as truth!

Wisdom is the only eternal weapon the laity have. And it is Wisdom, our God- who saves by the Sacraments, these pledges of us and God Both- by which the ceremonies we call Sacraments bestow grace, by their mere faithful performance for our part!

It is Wisdom who answers when we pray- who alters events to save the good, and the religious, who seeks always the fuller truth.

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