Wednesday 24 September 2008

What is most sane- what is most Orthodox?

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

When we speak of Orthodoxy- often we actually mean fidelity- or else remaining within an organization's party line.

We sometimes also believe the Orthodox way- to refer to the better, or true, or historic means of doing something!

But what is Orthodoxy? It is not the go-between between liberalism and conservatism, nor liberalism and traditionalism- neither is it traditionalism, conservatism or liberalism- each of which periodically changes meaning.

Orthodoxy- cannot be subjected to any one viewpoint- yet- it often refers to what a viewpoint believes as true.

In truth- orthodoxy is the pursuit of truth above all- and the determination to obey this truth utterly- the problem then is how one defines truth.

If truth is what an organization, or consensus says it is- then Orthodoxy is perhaps fidelity to that Organization- otherwise- Orthodoxy is fidelity to Reality- to the pursuit of manifesting to the world what is as it is.

Ultimately- the early Christians were killed for being what society saw as insane- they preached that someone recently alive had risen from a horrid death- had eaten on rising, and could be eaten body and soul in the Eucharist, and survived- and would spare or condemn us all for our single smallest thoughts- and lifestyle- more than that- that this person was God himself- and gives ceremonies to people- which could free them from bad lifestyles.

For this- they were whipped, slaughtered and martyred. Even they admitted they appeared insane- "foolish" (Saint Paul) to all apposing them!

Those who were martyred, believed it was the most sane course of action- they were loyal to their view of truth- to their take on sanity- and for this utter pursuit- show that they absolutely believed what they taught.

Those who use words like liberty- use a word referring to freedom- therefore- whenever the status quot changes- that which is more liberal changes- and also that which is more traditional or conservative.

Orthodoxy- the form given by God- is the pursuit of truth with all our soul, and body- and manifestation of this in obedience to sanity in truth in every moment of existence.

True Orthodoxy is the pursuit of truth above all else- not scientific truth- nor philosophical truth- but rather truth itself- which manifest so often in the intuitive!

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  1. Dearest Marc,

    Greetings to you in the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts,

    May I extend to you my sincere thanks for this wonderful blogspace that you have created.

    It is comforting to see that others are joining in our quest to fight for the restoration of the one true church,the spotless bride of Christ. Moreover I thank you for your efforts in providing to us South Africans, a clearer perspective on the current state of crisis in the church as well as within society as a whole.

    It is my only hope that our efforts in this great struggle may oneday come to fruition, in that we might see a definite result here in our own country as has already been seen abroad.

    I assure you of my prayers in this wonderful effort. I can only ask you join with me and indeed with many others in praying for the restoration of all things in Christ.

    I remain your unworthy brother in Christ and our Good Mother

    Calvin James Montgomery
    Summorum Pontificum Johannesburg


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