Saturday 20 September 2008

How to reconcile what is taught with what we believe- or how to clarify if another is not to be saying as they are!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa )As a watchdog organization, and myself as a lay Catholic Theologian, and apologist- I often deal with persons scandalized because on decisions by bishops, or the church- which they dissagree with.

As we grow in faith- there are some ways to retain it when you disagree with doctrines.
Further- we must know that either there is a misunderstanding or an error- truth does not contradict truth.

And we must never be at odds with the magisterium- for this is schism or heresy- but must always seek the truth to have a foundation to faith and love!

1) We should seek to understand Mother Church's thinking- perhaps her experts see what we don't- have we never been wrong before- perhaps we should change our view and not her servants. Of course there are persons who teach heresy and this is wrong, but shown as not a disproof of truth- by Jesus choosing Judas as an apostle!
2)People are human- make mistakes, and are misunderstood- these could be enough to help us.

3) Talk to someone- always consider help from within the church- have you considered talking to Opus Dei or a parish priest- ask for an hour's spiritual guidance- at least one of the many in the area should give it.

4) Pray about it- ask for guidance- and God's will in both your lives- and determine to begin prayers for the salvation of those leading in the church- and their aid in the Spirit of our Lord.

5) Consider a second opinion- and perhaps attempt to save the person in the wrong- or prevent them from further damage!

Remember- mother church is a teacher-

We may not agree with her- but as our 2000 year old mother- she has got wisdom- even as parts of her go astray.

Recommended reading- acts 15, acts 5 verse 4.

See how in both cases- a human authority is acting validly in God's name-

this Authority is our beloved church!


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