Saturday 27 September 2008

Condoms could increase disease- percentage goes up with awareness/"protection program"

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Catholic League - For Civil And Religious Rights)
Article By Marc Aupiais
Quotation from Catholic League

Direct Quotation from a Catholic League Article- they permit their articles to be distributed with correct attribution!
"September 18, 2008

Do Condoms Increase STDs?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office yesterday released the annual Mayor’s Management Report. It shows that the Health Department gave away 39,070,000 male condoms to community groups in fiscal year 2008, which ended June 30. News story are reporting that this figure is more than double the rate from the previous fiscal year.

What is not being discussed by the media, however, is what the data show regarding the incidence of syphilis: while the distribution of condoms increased by 120 percent in one year, the number of syphilis cases increased by 20 percent.

If condoms are the answer to STDs, then syphilis cases should have declined markedly. The fact that syphilis cases spiked should prove sobering. But, alas, New York City has learned absolutely nothing: next year it plans to distribute 51.6 million condoms. Watch for the rate of STDs to increase as well.

Do condoms increase STDs? It would be difficult to prove that they do, though it is entirely possible that the promiscuous distribution of condoms by government agencies fosters a climate of complacency, one ill-suited to inducing the virtue of self-restraint. One thing is for sure: condom distribution does not curb STDs. Indeed, Mayor Bloomberg is perpetuating a dangerous hoax on young people by ratcheting up condom distribution—even when it is crystal clear that this policy is backfiring."

How is it, that South Africa, with the biggest pro-condom program I know of- has one of the highest aids and Sexual Diseases rates- perhaps this is because condoms- as the bible says (c.f. Onan's death; Deuteronomy 23 v 1,2; etc)and the Church says (Humane Vitae), condoms are evil- the use of them is a mortal sin- so perhaps what is evil causes evil as is to be expected. After all- forming the atmosphere of false safety that people do- or teaching children to wear condoms instead of abstaining- generally makes them think they've been given a licence- especially when you give them certificates for it.

Perhaps we need an end of this condom distribution, a start of valuing marriage, and a real input into giving out medication- not items of sin!

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